Elyra documentation

The Elyra documentation’s source is stored in the https://github.com/elyra-ai/elyra repository and hosted at https://elyra.readthedocs.io/. The documentation is written in markdown and built using Sphinx.

Contributing to the Elyra documentation

To contribute content to the Elyra documentation follow these steps:

  1. Fork the https://github.com/elyra-ai/elyra repository.

  2. Clone your fork.

    git clone https://github.com/git-id-or-org/elyra

    The documentation assets are located in the /docs directory.

    • To add a new document create a new markdown file in the appropriate section subdirectory (e.g. /docs/source/getting_started) and add an entry to that section in /docs/source/index.rst.

    • To update an existing document edit the corresponding markdown file.

    • Place new or updated images in the /docs/source/images directory. PNG is the recommended format.

  3. Build the documentation assets locally.

    In the repository’s root directory (not the /docs directory) run

    make docs
  4. Review the build output and verify that your updates introduced no warnings or errors.

  5. Review the updated documentation assets.

    1. Navigate to the /docs/_build/html/ directory.

    2. Open index.html in a web browser.

  6. Commit your updates to a new branch and open a pull request.