Conventions for contributing to Elyra Extensions

File Naming and File Creation

Elyra extensions use a separate file for each widget, and keep helper functions and classes in the file with that widget. A file containing a widget is named after the widget (i.e. PipelineEditorWidget.tsx contains the class PipelineEditorWidget).

Files containing util functions are named generically after the utils functionality (i.e. if a util function returned a custom dialog, the file that contained that function would be called dialog.tsx).

The index file contains only the definition of the extension class and any other exports that the extension creates.

Import sections

Elyra extensions create separate sections for imports from different categories (i.e. all imports from @jupyterlab would be in a separate section from imports from @lumino). Sections are separated by a blank line. Each section is alphabetized by the name of packages.